Henri Plat was born on June 30, 1939 in Brussels (Belgium). Fascinated by the way the light is transforming the colours; he makes you feel this emotion in his paintings. Autodidact painter got his passion since his younger age; little by little he developed a strong artistic personality with a delicate balance of colours, shades and light. With the help of his neo-impressionist palette, he can give so much poetry in the subject. Watching his paintings give you the irresistible wish to be part of it. He can assimilate the influences around him like people in the street, city's café, musicians, and open countryside. He goes out of town and shows us landscape that smell the country, the lavender and the sun.

He is an artist a real one, and never falls in the automatism or repetition. You can find many references about Henry Plat on several dictionaries like: "ARTO"- Belgium artists since 1830 "ARTO" Biografisch lexikon platischekunst in Belgïe "PAUL PIRON" De Belgische Beeldende Kunstenaars uit de 19de en 20ste eeuw "PAUL PIRON" Belgium Artists from 19 to 20 century. It also exist a book entirely devoted to the work of art of the Arts painter Henri Plat with a presentation of Mrs Anita Nardon.


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